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Interview at the FIBD [FR]Interview au Festival d’Angoulême par Advanced Creation

While I was at the International Comic Festival of Angoulême (FIBD), I've been interviewed by the french magazine Advanced Creation , about my blog, and others. If you want to see what I'm look like and if you understand a little bit french, watch it Thanks to Thierry Maurel!...

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Next online Workshop: ZBrush and the 3D printingProchain Atelier live : ZBrush et l’impression 3D

<!--:en-->Next online Workshop: ZBrush and the 3D printing<!--:--><!--:fr-->Prochain Atelier live : ZBrush et l'impression 3D<!--:-->

For the french speakers, the next workshop will be dedicated to 3D Printing with ZBrush: how to think about your model before creating, the rules to know, the printing constraints, the finalization and more. The (free) registration is at the usual webpage!Le prochain Atelier est annoncé pour le jeudi...

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Thomas Roussel - 2015

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